Birthday Marathon

I am back in blog land.  I have missed you so and can finally breathe a sigh of “Ahhhhh.”  The only running I’ve been doing lately is the birthday marathon in my family.  From March 10, March 25, April 10, May 8, May 14, and finally today May 17.  I don’t ever want to see another penguin, super mario character  or the beloved red velvet cheesecake again… yes, I said that.  It’s so yum but not to be consumed back to back within a months time🙂

1,547 Delicious Calories

Remember these penguin cupcakes?

Jasmine's Penguin Cupcakes

I had thoughts to outdo these cupcakes and make a Super Mario themed one for Niko’s 4th birthday.  Afterall, everyone who came to Jasmine’s party now expects just as fabulous and cuter cupcakes now that the bar has been set so high.  I checked out many different designs to find inspiration:

photo from
Easy peezy mac and cheesy, right? (photo from Sandra - socakes flickr)

I was super excited to see that Michael’s had ready to use fondant.  Even though I’ve never used fondant, I was feeling creative until life took over and I ran out of time.  Actually it was more like procrastinating took over…

Swallowed my ego and brought store bought cupcakes and decided to keep Niko’s party simple.  Oh no!  Simple didn”t mean plain for this creative ego.  Found some star shaped candy molds for chocolate stars and simply added eyes.  Paper punches, photo shop, a printer, and voila!

Chocolate stars for my Birthday Star!

Again simple didn’t mean plain.  Two sleep deprived nights later of designing, cutting, and gluing, I had a SUPER “Super Mario” party waiting to be ooohhh’ed and ahhhhh’ed  by kids and parents who wished they were kids.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these goodie bags:

The goodie bags.

The lucky birthday boy, got these special surprise boxes filled with dinosaur wind up toys and what else would you find in a question mark box?   chocolate coins of course!

Niko's presents
I think I might submit an idea to Nintendo to add dinosaur enemies in their Super Mario game🙂
Simple toys = Great fun!

All the sleepless nights paid off to see these faces:

And this face:

But no time to rest yet, cause Darren’s birthday was in just 3 more days.  Fortunately, I learned my lesson after two rounds of crazy birthday planning back to back (at least til next year🙂 that simple should just be simple.  Poor Darren who is the last of the birthday round gets a simple, plain, homemade pop-up card and no more red velvet cheesecake.  Just a H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y! and homemade breakfast.

This is why I love you!  You are simple and plain, but full of L O V E and L I F E that always brightens  my day.   Happy birthday, sweetie!

Now off to think🙂 about running again… especially after those red velvets!