Day 2: Life’s a Beach

It’s 4:30am and Mr. Rooster cocka-doodle-doos in the distant.  I turn over and bury my face while grumping about the sound.  Roosters don’t come with snooze!  I fall back asleep but Mr. Rooster didn’t.  For another half hour he continues to annoy wake up the world.  By that time, I’m wide awake and now am having a debate with my myself… I should want to get up and do my yoga.  Yes I do want to.  And the difference between “want” and “will” is just a simple decision to just get up.  Well it took me another half hour to close the gap between the two words but I’m sure glad I did.  This is what greated me during my practice on my front porch at Lumeria:

early morning rain not only brings a nice soothing sound during practice but also a beautiful rainbow for my drishti

Then it was off to do a photoshoot for my new website at Ho’okipa beach park on the North shore side of Maui:

Ho'okipa Beach Park

With only an hour or so left before taking a 3 hour handstand workshop, I had to fuel up… local style of course:

Hawaiian style shoyu and ginger po'ke (ahi tuna)... yum! so fresh!

The 3 hour workshop with the amazing Jennifer Lynn was playful and fun.  Learned so much.  Can’t wait to bring what I learned to class🙂   I had the strength to hold a handstand but I discovered that I was missing a very key piece:  melt my chest towards the ground more than I ever thought I should.  It was physically a challenge with my tight scapula… or maybe it was something more than physical that was my challange so my second manta for this week:  I will let my heart fall to the ground and let it be my foundation.

What a discovery!  So of course I had to go sit and let this idea of “letting my heart fall to the ground” settle in… at the beach of course!

Keawakapu Beach in Kihei
Waiting for the sun to set at Keawakapu Beach in Kihei
Sunset over Keawakapu Beach in Kihei

The 2nd night ended perfectly with a delicious meal from Coconut’s Fish Cafe.

This casual cafe just turned 3 and was named after a cat!

The food was nothing but casual.  It was fresh and packed a mouthful of flavor.

The best mahi mahi fish tacos I've ever had and grilled ono with wasabi ginger cream sauce over brown rice. The best surprise was the cole slaw that was made with coconut cream instead of mayo... yum!


To top the night off, I spotted this restaurant/bar sign that just re-affirms my week’s mantra. How perfect!

This week's mantra: Life's a Beach


And of course, I had to attempt a handstand in front of the sign and entertain some of the drunks at the bar:

Handstand outside the bar


This was my last night at Lumeria before going off to Hana and roughing it at Kipahulu campgrounds.  So if you don’t hear from me by wednesday, call a rescue team🙂

Buddah watching over Lumeria


Aloha!  I hope you will let your heart fall to the ground and let it be your foundation.