Funny, Offensive, or Inappropriate

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while but couldn’t bring myself to just in case I offended anyone but after the sexy side plank post in the family planning isle, how could I not? I was reminded of this post when clearing out my magazine pile and stumbled upon YJ’s April issue with this ad:

Beautiful heart opener LOL

Yet another reason why I love lulu!  Apparently some people were offended by this.  I think it’s hilarious!  What I have learned in the past from my practice is to not take things personally (one of Four Agreements by Don Miguel.  Best easy read with applicable and valuable insights.  Read it!)

What’s the funniest perhaps borderline offensive or even outright inappropriate things you’ve heard in yoga class? Here’s some I came across:

“widen your anal canal”

“move your TNA aside” (for paschimottanasana)

“spread your camel toes” (teacher referring to the actual toes during camel pose)

“uhh where is everyone?” (A teacher says to a class as she walks in to a half filled class.  Like the people there didn’t matter.)

“hmmm you guys have a lot to learn”  (A teacher says as she shakes her head with dissappointment)

“relax and imagine I’m your boyfriend” (the gym director warns me about things not to say while adjusting students in happy baby)

WOW! is exactly what I thought when I heard these.  Some I laughed at.  Some I shook my head at.  Some I just didn’t care.  Bottom line is, I am in control of my reaction.  Obviously if I feel uncomfortable, I will respect my boundaries and perhaps not attend that class anymore.

Here’s to laughter!  Muh-wa-ha-ha!