The Twelve Days of Yoga: On the 10th, 11th, 12th days

“On the 12th day of yoga, my guru gave to me…

12 corpses sleeping
11 chanters chanting
10 stretchy lulus
9 dancing yogis
8 chaturangas
7 chakras tuning
6 heavy breathers
5 minute peace

4 flying crows
3 om’ing om oms
2 turtle poses
and a Hanuman in a coconut tree.

Sighhhhhh… I guess the last 3 days slipped past me.  We did however complete the 12/12/12 yoga challenge at the studio and sang this every day up through today for the xmas morning class.  But I think the students are glad it’s over because 12 navasanas (boat poses) with a lift for each verse was getting a bit challenging… and my singing voice… well let’s say that I should just stick to yoga :) 

10 stretchy lulus… stretchy clothing of any kind is my favorite thing to wear especially during the holidays because I can eat extra and let my belly expand🙂  

11 chanters chanting… I love to chant even if I don’t know what the words mean.  The sounds, the rhythm, and the foreign words of sanskrit take me out of my head and into the vibration of my voice.  I especially love it when I listen and chant along with Krishna Das who is my favorite kirtan singer.  Some of my favorite chants to sing is:  om shanti shanti shanti; lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu; om; and of course the Hanuman Chalisa. 

12 corpses sleeping… shavasana/corpse pose can be one of the most challenging poses to do.  I remember  when I first discovered yoga, I thought shavasana was a complete waste of time… we were just lying there doing nothing.  I didn’t understand the importance and benefit of being as still as possible after the practice.  Now, a five minute shavasana isn’t enough.  I prefer a 10 minute hold if time permits.  The longer you can stay still, the more time the body has to absorb all the prana and energy that you created during the practice.  It also gives you time to cultivate some space between the thoughts.  As the body comes to stillness and the breath slows down, you can notice a pause between the next inhale and exhale… and then magically as the pause between breaths increases, the pause between thoughts also increase…. pure PEACE!

Hope you enjoyed the 12 days of yoga.  If you want to hear my hilarious singing and practice to the xmas morning class, I will have it up on itunes soon … *hopefully* by next week… ping me if you’re waiting for it and it’s not up yet.  A little nudge usually gets me going🙂

Mele Kalikimaka  (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian… oh how I wish I was on Maui again). 

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