I Got Laid

OMG!  It’s been aaaaages!  Over a month to be exact!  I’ve been pretty busy…

Isn’t that always the excuse for everything?  Busy, busy, busy… too busy to even notice the smallest things…

…like when the last time you got laid or how my spell checker wouldn’t know that I meant “lei’d”

now where was your mind, eh?  (pssst sometimes that’s a good to place to be though😉  

Seriously though I’m losing my Maui glow and there’s only so many coconuts my poor chef’s knife can handle.   The only thing keeping my aloha spirit up has been planning my first island retreat… aka let’s find a way for me to get back there sooner rather than later because a month ago is just way too long!   Counting down the days before I leave on a jet plane again to my far away island to soak up the aloha… Stay tuned about the retreat…

My dearest Maui, until I see you again, I guess I’ll take getting lei’d anywhere.  The lululemon heads from Los Gatos came to lei me this morning at my 7am class, inviting me to become their ambassador!!!!   Yeah!  I’m beaming sunshines, rainbows and a whole lot of ALOHA!

Some of 7am power yogis at Breathe Yoga Studio in Los Gatos, CA

To me the lei reminds me not only of all things Maui, but it’s such a beautiful reminder that beauty and love is all around.  I mean how can you not be reminded when the fragrance of the flowers or the cool touch of kukui nut seeds or the scratchy feel of a vine that are often used to make a lei lay under your nose? Mostly though, I am reminded of the love that goes into making such a delicate piece.  Each blossom, each seed, each leaf, and each twine of a vine is an expression of the love the artist has carefully strung together.  I am reminded to give as much love today as I would if I were to string together a beautiful array of flowers and present my lei to everyone around me.   


E Lei aku ‘oe ku’u aloha
I ko’oula nou i kahi mehemeha

Wear my love as a lei
And as your companion in lonely places

P.S.  Happy St. Patty’s Day… who knows it might be your lucky day to get laid lei’d

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