Things, Things, Things That I Love

It’s that time of year when people start doing cleanses, detoxes, and spring cleaning.  I have certainly been feeling yuck from winter’s layer but more of feeling stuck in stuff lately.  I had dinner with a friend last night and we were talking about this exact thing… how things and clutter actually block the flow of energy causing symptoms of “clutter stress.”

Our conversation made me remember an article I came across last week about a woman who had so much but still wasn’t happy.  You’ve heard these stories… but this one was different.  This woman was inspired by a website about a 100 Things Challenge and how you can live simply by owning only 100 personal items.

“No way!” are the first words to come to mind.  100 things only?  really?  I am curious… 100 seems undoable but I gotta start somewhere eh?  So while I begin going thru my mounds of things, move over Oprah!… your favorite things list has just been trampled by Nikki’s list of favorite things that won’t raise your clutter stress index:

An Indoor Herb rack at the LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto where I had dinner with my friend.  Bye-bye shoe rack…

Herb wall rack

Gerbera daisies… they scream spring time and sunshine… make room on the counter for these beauties!



Food porn!  I love to eat! And more than loving to eat is eating with great company!  Friends old and new is the secret ingredient in all meals.

This salad is called "scrumptiously divine" sashimi salad


I love a good challenge… Ok so I’m trading away some other things to make room for this beauty.  I always thought of myself as musically challenged… we’ll see.

Kanilea ukulele


What I love more than things are experiences.  My favorite experience from last week… getting all of us to hold and sync this pose with a 10 second timer and hearing, “mommy, the sky is upside down.”

downdog splits


And who doesn’t like a good quote to make you sound all smart:

Loved The Lorax Movie!


P.S.  These will blend right in next to the thyme and rosemary rack😉

A girl can never have too many heels, right?


What’s on your favorite things list that won’t ever count towards your 100 items?

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