I’m talking about Hugs

Everyone’s probably talking about Halloween today, but I’m gonna talk about hugs because today I’ve gotten more hugs than the number of hours I’ve been awake…. and it feels freakin’ amazing!  I must admit that I’ve been bumming quite a bit the last few weeks and haven’t been that lovable, huggable person.  Remember this post on hug quotas?  It’s time to bring it back.   It’s worth re-reading.

Be generous with your hugs today will you? 

Wrap your arms around your hugee, press them close, squeeze tightly, embrace the hug, linger, smile, squeeze a bit more and tuck your head in and rest it on their shoulder.  Mmmmmmm

Hugs heal!  Get your 12 hugs today!

Poem from Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends


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