Leading with Your Heart

It’s fall.  I feel it in my bones and change symbolically sweeps through the crisp chilly air.  It’s a time for reflection.  It’s also a time to fall in love… with change.  Over the summer, I blogged about how hearts make lousy followers

There’s two parts to this.  In my practice, simply dropping my shoulders and pulling my scapulae in and down my back is a sure way to pop my heart forward as if it would be the first thing to touch the finish line ribbon of a race.  That’s physically leading with my heart. However, that’s not enough… especially when it comes to matters of change, challenges, and those thought provoking life questions.

Drawing the shoulders down and shoulder blades back are just simply a pathway to really opening your heart.   You can say it’s a first step.  Feel what type of energy arises when you make this physical shift. 

Can you use it as a doorway to feel the other part of what it means to lead with your heart? 

I am certainly navigating what it truly means to lead with my heart during this time of change… literally in the season and in my life.  The pathway that opens when I physically lead with my heart is that every decision is created with intuition rather than hope.   When you hope things will work out or when you wait for things to happen, the heart stays closed no matter how far back your shoulders drop.

image credit: http://weheartit.com/entry/15226802

“Fall” in love with an open heart.  More importantly, lead with an open heart!

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