Kiss My Crow You Planking and Owling Daredevils

Not too long ago I learned about planking.  My hubby tells me it’s the newest craze.  Everyone’s doing it.  They’re doing it everywhere.  (Insert annoyed voice)… “aaaaand what is it and why should I care?”  He says, “it’s like your yoga graffiti but with plank pose in odd and interesting places and post it online.”  Me:  “that sounds boring… anyone can do plank.”  He:  “but their arms are by their sides.”  Me:  “how the heck do you do plank pose with both arms at your sides?  I don’t know anyone who can do a plank aka high push up without arms.  I’ve seen people do it with one finger, but no arms?! Seriously?!”

The other day I finally googled it and got to the bottom of this planking business.  If you don’t know what it is, it is a lying down game, but don’t call it that in front of a serious planker because they’ll probably drop kick you.  Basically, you lie face down with your arms by your sides.  Obviously if you lie on the ground or anything flat it’s easy.  If you’re more risky, you’ll find an interesting surface that will involve a little bit of core work to hold your body in a “plank” position.  Check these out:

planking or sore loser? photo:
now this is interesting (photo:
ok, I give this guy props (photo:

The day after googling planking, I came across an article about someone starting the owling game.   Apparently planking is so 2 months ago and owling is the newest trend.  Some might call it squatting and some countries would call it sitting.  Or perhaps the owling innovator was rejected as the voice over hooter for Hedwig in Harry Potter 7.

more owling photos:

Let me say that planking is so 2 months ago and owling is so a week ago… stop lying down and squatting, you guys can kiss my crowing.  

legoland fun town!
guess who else can kiss my crow?

Send me your crow poses (snikkin @ yahoo dot com)  and let’s do some real yoga graffiti.

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