The Ugly Truth

Apparently my last post stirred some things up in some people (which I expected it to).  Whether you were a teacher I took a class from or not and had your panties ruffled up, I challenge you to look at that.  Why did my post raise your blood pressure… maybe even shaking up your confidence?  It’s all good!  It got you thinking didn’t it?  When someone stirs me up, I feel alive!  They remind me to take a look at myself.  Sometimes we care too much about what others think of us that it clouds our judgement about who we are.   It’s a given that people will judge us but worse is when we judge ourselves.  That’s the problem!  Our judgement becomes Truth (with a capital T).

I think there are some nuggets we can discover here though.  There is something about our blood pressure rising or when we get completely offended or even defensive when other people judge us or comment about us.. a hint of truth usually stings a bit and it especially stings when the truth is the Truth.  It’s ugly!  I know!

In this year of facing fears, I have been constantly putting myself out there to be seen and challenged.  I am not a perfect yoga teacher (and don’t hope to be) but constantly see myself in others.  When I took those classes, I saw myself in each one of those teachers and that is the golden nugget I walked away with.  I now see a little clearer in where I can show up more authentically and where I can improve not for perfection’s sake but for the purpose of awakening my presence for others.  I am grateful for all the teachers… for in one way or another they taught me something.


P.S. Here’s a very good post from elephant journal by Philip Urso on 7 Yoga Teacher Disconnects (whom I will be taking advanced teacher’s training with in Feb. Yay!)

P.P.S.  To the podcast listeners.  I discovered an annoying thing I do that I don’t normally hear in class is the way I exaggerate the last word frequently.  Ugh!   Please send me hate mail (or just any feedback) if you ever hear my “yoga teacher voice” :)  They will improve.  Pinky Promise!

7 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. I really like your outlook on this issue. I think we all have our blind spots and a good way to get a better view is to invite the help of others – while knowing it may sting a bit. Thank you for stirring it up!🙂

  2. You do say “Who cares if…” quite often and tend to talk more when the class is in balance poses (not sure if you do this on purpose to challenge us further). This is based on my one time experience.

  3. This is interesting. I have one yoga teacher nearby that I like a lot and am very picky when it comes to this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a yoga class, tai chi or dance class. A good teacher is what makes me come back again and again. And that is of course an individual match.

  4. I think if you get offended by something in the last post, you may wanna check your ego… after all no teacher is perfect, we all have little quirks, annoying habits etc. and if you don’t think you do you may want to jump out of the river of de-nile.. I took the post as a nice reminder to be mindful of what i do.. and i’m so glad you posted it..

    lots of loves for the truth!

  5. Hi! I wasn’t affected by your previous post as I am a beginner but I think you are right on the mark with this follow up. It can apply to so much!
    I have just begun doing yoga in the mornings. I bore very easily so need to add lots of meaning to my practice to keep it going. I went in search of inspiration and found your blog. Stay True!

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