10 Things I Learned This Week

1.   Procrastination makes a simple task twice as hard.

2.  A day of rest is sacred.

3.  Empty, empty, empty your cup daily.

4.  People act the way they do because of their past experiences and not because of you.

5.  Letting go is different than giving up.

6.  There will always be annoying people who will annoy you.  Practice how to not be annoyed.

7.  Focus on what you can control in this moment of this breath instead of what could happen in the next breath, or the next day, or next year.

8.  Whether practicing yoga in the morning or in the evening, it still boils down to the same poses.  The difference is how I perceive how my body reacts because I might have reacted.

9.   Generosity is contagious.

10.  Just as we need an earthquake emergency kit in CA, I need to make a beach day emergency kit.

At the suggestion of Lacy, we went adventuring to a new beach site off the coast of hwy 1.  There is no name for this beach.  Just that it’s the stop a couple miles off hwy 1 at Call Box SM 001 205.  If I were to name this beach, it would be “how the heck do we get down there to sink our feet in that smooth white sand beach” beach.

stretch of peace

You get down there with a rope of course!  There was a short hike down the steep, let me emphasize, STEEP! hill.  Halfway down is a rope tied to a rickety tree bush stump.  The kiddos and I sent Darren down first.

Forget the women and children first act.

He got to the end of the rope and sadly reported that the rope did not go all the way down and the hill gets even steeper before hitting the beach.   :(  I mean, I could’ve done it, but didn’t want to risk it with the kids.  hehehe that’s my excuse :)  Next time we are bringing additional rope!  Hence on to making a beach day emergency kit ready with ropes and stakes.

The beach day adventure didn’t end completely though, we ended up on San Gregorio Beach just down the ways.  It was crowded but still a breath of fresh sea air!

Even though crowded, we found some secluded spots near the end of the beach
Flock of birds moving into formation
So cool to watch them do this.
Niko found this pretty rock...
When he went to pick it up, it fell and cracked. In the center were these white spots that looked like a heart when the halves were put together.

We HEART beach days!

Another beach find!

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned This Week

  1. YOU WENT! YAYYYYYY! There is another way down that has more rope but it’s straight down, it’s to the right (facing the ocean) along the black water pipe. Isn’t it a beautiful place! LOVE Uuuuu

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