I didn’t win a fortune in Vegas last week, but got a fortune.  This was the best $.50 spent in a non-slot machine.  She said:

Maybe I should've been looking into her crystal ball?

“You’ve been expecting a call.  Someone is going to call and discuss your future.  Ask him or her what you want for it shall be given to you.  If you knock on the door of opportunity if shall be open to you.  For only if you ask will you receive and find what you seek.  Talk over your plans and be honest.  You can if you think you can.  When you speak remember if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.  You’re not one to accept second best.”

Love it!  I love corny jokes and corny fortunes, especially the ones from fortune cookies.  I always wondered why my fortune cookies never came true until Nadia pointed out that I needed to eat the cookie first before reading the fortune.  Oh DUH!!!  Maybe I shoud’ve looked into the crystal ball of this fortune?

I believe that we can manifest our desires and dreams thru real intention.   My hubby has told me that when I want something, I will get it.  “Really?” I said.  “Yup!  When you have your mind set on something, you don’t let it go and I’ve learned not to resist you especially when you want that new lulu tank.” Haha!

Hmmmm… then why are some of my wishes not coming true?  The answer is simple. It’s resistance.  It’s doubt.  It’s lack of confidence.  I noticed certain goals or dreams I’ve set for myself haven’t mainfested yet because I’m not 100% certain I want it to come true for many reasons.  When I know deep in my heart that I want it, the Universe will give it to me for She knows when I’m ready to receive.  Sometimes my cup is too full and there is no room for anything else.  Sometimes it’s a simple act of letting go of something to receive something else.  Other times it’s asking myself what I really really really want.  It’s a hard question.

When I got home this week, I felt more confident about giving up one of my classes that I wasn’t fully giving my energy to.  Initially I was feeling terrible about leaving the several students who were committed to practicing with me, but in the end I knew I had to give it up in order to recharge and fill up.  The moment I felt at ease with this decision, I received a phone call from someone who wanted to discuss my future with them…. the possibility of offering corporate yoga at a big tech company.  Thanks fortune teller woman!  Hmmmm…. we’ll see where this road leads me.

What are you trying to manifest in your life?

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