A Letter To My 6 Year Old Self

About a month ago, I was re-inspired by Suburban Yogini’s post on a letter she wrote to her 12yr old self.  I did something similar to this during teacher training level 1 and have been thinking about what I would say to my 6 year old self since I am turning 6 yoga years old today.


Kindergarten/1st grade school picture

My Dearest Self,

Hello!  This is  a letter from your older self who just turned 34 today.  Please ask mom to read it for you…

Since it is your 6th {yoga} birthday today, I wanted to celebrate you at 6 years old.   Right now I know you are happily clueless of the journey ahead of you.  Do yourself a favor and stay that way for as long as you can.  But knowing you the way I know you, you’re not gonna listen and that’s ok because you’re gonna be given a big wake up call when you stumble upon this ancient practice called yoga.  Yoga is going to take you on a journey back to your younger self.  You are going to be the catalyst for your own transformation to authenticity through curiousity.  You are going to inspire childlike love, fun, and innocence into ordinary everyday life and transform it into a magical adventure.

I love the way you are so responsible, giving, and loving at such a young age but remember that your priority should be to explore your world, ask questions but don’t believe every answer you get and be confident about doing your own thing.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most popular kid in kindergarten.  Oh and forget about that boy George.  He’s cute and all but he’s just into popular girls and he’ll never appreciate you for you.  It’s better to nurture the relationships you have with your few friends than trying to be liked by everyone else.  I know it’s hard to be the smallest in the class, but you’re gonna thank me for that later.   Oh and never mind about wearing all those hand-me down clothes cause you’re gonna discover lululemon yoga clothes that you’re gonna look fabulous in.  Trust me.  Nancy, Lindsay, and Sarah would drool with envy if they ever meet you again.

I love your long beautiful hair but start practicing non-attachment right away.   Don’t feel obligated to have long hair because mom likes long hair.  In a few years you’re gonna start noticing your body and start developing your own sense of style.  Go ahead and unbraid that hair and let it down.  The sooner you can shake it wild and get it knotted, the sooner you’ll want to get it cut.  Trust me.  Short hair girls have more fun.  Besides, you’ll discover that you don’t have to hide behind a curtain of hair.

You are so smart and I know you’re smart enough to figure out that grades aren’t everything.  It’s important to study and try your best, but smarts don’t come from a text book.  You’ll later learn to value experiences and failures more than successes and awards.  Your successful career that everyone else has portrayed for you will be questioned (good job!) and you’ll discover that your ideal career will be the quest for life.

Looks aren’t everything, but know that you’ll be thankful for the braces you will get in 5th grade.  Again those popular kids will be envious of you because big cheesy smiles are one of your best features.  I know it’s hard to be railroad tracks, but every dentist you meet will think you should be on a Crest commercial and the first thing random strangers will say to you when you smile and say hi to them is that you have nice teeth.   Since we’re talking about looks, hang in there when you’re the last one to get a training bra.  Bras aren’t that comfortable anyway and you’ll never wear one again thanks to lululemon power Y tanks.

There aren’t enough pens and paper to write everything down and you don’t want to know how everything goes anyway.  Remember to just take things one step at a time and always listen to your intuition.  Don’t waste time doubting it.  Never question how amazing and smart you are and that you deserve everything you could possibly dream of.  Your beauty shines from the place that matters most and people who also shine from that place will appreciate you for you.  There’s no doubt there will be people who will be blind to your beauty and awesomeness but life very seldom gives you the luxury of time to prove who you are to these people.  Sometimes it’s best to end those relationships quickly.  Your family will always love you no matter who you become (even though at times it doesn’t seem like they do, but boy! they do!)  Keep reinventing yourself.  Stay fresh.  Stay present.  Ask questions.  Be curious.  Play.  Play.  Play.  Play some more.  One more thing:  ask mom and dad to take you to swim class.  Trust me, it’s easier if you learn how to swim at this age.

With Love,

Your 34 year old self

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