Today seemed to be a very unadventurous but busy routine tuesday.   Between shuffling the kids from one place to another and teaching two classes and a meeting, I always feel my tuesdays are not an effective use of my time.  I spend half my day driving to and fro.  Today was different.  There was a sense of joy even if it was only 2 minutes.  I spoke to a stranger about new yoga opportunites and possibly reaching out to new communities… stepping outside my comfort zone.

Funny how everything just seems to come at the right moment.  Not long ago, I came across a youtube video about The Bucketlist movie.  Don’t even remember how I got to that page, but everyone around me keeps talking about their “bucketlist” and live in the moment this and live in the moment that.  So I’ve finally watched the movie tonight.  One thing I am left with is the two questions I would be asked at the Egyptian Gateway to Heaven:  Did I have joy in my life? Did my life bring joy to others?


It’s a very uplifting movie despite the subject.  Definitely inspiring new adventures for tomorrow…

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